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Community Agencies

Welcome to the Community Agencies section of the new OPC website.

For thirty years, OPC has had strong working relationships with many agencies and non-profit organizations throughout the State of Maryland.  These agencies include State and local housing and human service agencies Office of Home Energy Programs, community action agencies, fuel funds, transitional housing organizations; as well as medical and health organizations, social workers, legal services organizations and faith organizations assisting persons in need.

You have helped OPC do its job by helping us understand the impact of energy policies, and utility law and regulations, on residential utility customers at the local level. In particular, you have helped us to get a better understanding of the impact on limited income and vulnerable customers. In return, OPC has developed information on the rights and responsibilities of utility consumers and the availability of assistance programs for consumers for use by your agencies.

We hope this new design will make it easier for you to find useful information about energy and utility issues. This new section is a gateway to alerts, energy assistance programs, consumer protection information, public hearings of interest, and OPC publications.  Of course, we also encourage you to check out the other sections of the website.

Please share your suggestions and comments with us. If you do not find the information you need, please Contact Us.