OPC’s participation in the legislative arena is a vital part of our representation of residential utility customers. During each legislative session, we review all bills to determine whether residential utility consumers would be affected in a positive or negative way. If we identify beneficial or adverse impacts, OPC will submit written testimony to the relevant Committee, and frequently will present live testimony during the bill hearing.  The People’s Counsel and OPC staff also are available to provide information and the agency’s perspective on consumer concerns to members of the General Assembly and Committee staff.  We also work with other organizations or members of the General Assembly on legislative initiatives.

To see OPC's Testimony for the 2022 Legislative Session, click on the "State" link in the left column of this page and then click on "OPC Testimony" link near the top of the linked page.

OPC also keeps track of major federal legislative initiatives that will affect our consumers in the State. This has been particularly important in the past year, with the enactment of the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act (ARRA), providing stimulus funding for energy efficiency and demand response programs; the increased need for federal energy assistance monies; and the introduction of climate change legislation. OPC provides its perspective on consumer concerns to members of the Congressional delegation and to members of the relevant Congressional committees.

In this section, you will find OPC written testimony on bills being considered during the current legislative session, as well as agency testimony submitted during the past two legislative sessions.