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Legislation – Federal


Many of the issues affecting residential consumers of energy, telephone and water services are handled at the State level by the Maryland General Assembly. However, sometimes matters are not just “in-State” issues, but involve regional or national policy or concerns and funding. The actions of the United States Congress can have a significant impact on Maryland consumers.

Here are some examples of major policy issues that have been in the news:

  • Climate change - policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Renewable energy initiatives – wind, solar, biomass and other energy sources
  • Energy efficiency programs and appliance standards
  • National and regional transmission line projects and policies
  • Federal funding of low-income energy assistance and weatherization programs
  • Broadband access

You can find information about the United States Congress and its members, members of the Maryland delegation, bills, Congressional committees and hearings and much more:

We are fortunate to have members of the Maryland delegation in leadership positions and serving on Committees that consider energy, telecommunications and water matters:


OPC staff stays on top of major federal legislative issues directly and through its membership in NASUCA.